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How to Invest in IPO with Upstox

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How To Apply For An online IPO With Upstox

IPO means Initial Public Offering means any company looking for business expand financial requirements, company offer initial public and get listed for the open market.

It is when the share of a company is listed on a stock exchange for the first time and offered to the public in general. They apply for the IPO and shares are allotted according to the number of applications.

If you are looking to purchase any IPO then nowadays it’s a very easy and fast process.

Now, if you are thinking to invest in some of the upcoming IPOs, you need to know how to do it. If you want to experience a hassle-free and easy IPO investment process then you can do it with Upstox and here are the steps for making an IPO investment with Upstox. Upstox,s online IPO portal offers an easy and user-friendly experience to apply online IPO.

#Step 1 Login to Upstox website

You have to visit the Upstox website following this link. You have to register or login on to the Upstox website. If you do not have an account with Upstox, then you have to first open an account – How to get upstox Demat and trading. Check the latest offer for upstox demat account.

#Step 2 Input your UCC code

The next step after opening or registering on Upstox, you have to log in with the UCC ID (This is code which is provided by broker to your mail , Unique coustomer code) and the PAN card number.

Further, enter the date of birth to verify the account.

#Step 3 Verification process

Once log in with UCC ID,  will find various details of many IPO that are coming up or already open.

Select the one you want to see and find all the details of the IPO once click on the ‘Details’ tab beside the IPO if want to see it.

#Step 4 Choose right IPO

Now, click on the button/tab – ‘Place Bid’ which is placed at the bottom of the details page. Further, mention the price at which you want to purchase the IPO.

#Step 5 Submit details

In this step, enter your UPI Id if like to purchase with UPI IDs.

#Step 6

In this step, enter the lot size and check  bid price again, and then click on the ‘continue’ button

#Step 7

Here you will get a message where you have to confirm the order. Once you confirm, you will get a confirmation message/mail where you will get to know whether your application is successful or not.

So, as you can see the process of investing in IPO is so simple with Upstox. On top of that, there are so many trading platforms that Upstox has for its clients which makes trading and investment much easier.

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