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Angel broking


In 1987, Angel broking was found as a private limited company that became one of the top broking houses in India in a few years. With its dedicated efforts for the customers in the retail investors, the section made it famous across the country’s investors. This is one of the biggest full-service broking houses in the country providing experts advice on the stocks for the retail investors as well as the HNIs to that investment in India become a smooth process and everyone can earn from the market.

It is not only a stockbroking firm but it manages the wealth of the customers as well and they have made the retail investments more open and evolved in the country with their new technologies and dedicated efforts. By this 30th year of their incorporation, they have built a huge client base with lots of products and services, more than 16000 trading terminals working in the country, and with an extensive network of the sub-brokers.

It is a member of almost all the exchanges running in the country that is from BSE to NSE to MCX as well as NCDEX. The depository with which this stockbroking company is associated with is CDSL.

Being a full-service broker, the range of services is really huge that is they deal in equities, commodities, insurance, investment advisory services, mutual fund, PMS, and even in IPO and obviously depository services. It has different segments dealing with the different segments of the financial industry.

The vision of the company was to build a safe and secure network for the retail investors who were highly neglected when they came into the business. They incorporated themselves as the game-changer in the business by opening the financial solutions and services which were earlier only limited to the HNIs. The hyper-intelligent investment engine- ARQ is one of the major ideas which changed the life of the retail investors who trade with Angel Broking. The personalized investment advice which was earlier very expensive became available to the retail investors at reduced fees for the benefits of the investors. With the technological revolution in the financial market, Angel broking made it quick and easy for retail investors to take part in the money-making game. They made it more convenient and when again India is on the verge of another digital revolution, the company wants to broaden its reach so that every prospective investor can take the advantage of the digitalization and investments.

Angel broking provides one of the most innovative services, products, personalized services and state-of-the-art technology and that too at cheap and reasonable broking charges.

The company was founded by Mr. Dinesh Thakkar who is the current managing director, with the director Mr. Lalit Thakkar and the CEO is Mr. Vinay Agarwal.

 Demat Account at Angel Broking

There are no charges for opening a Demat account in the Angel broking; you can open both the trading and Demat account without any fees. There are annual maintenance charges and other charges which will be discussed below. There are offers for lifetime Demat accounts for free as well; all these will be discussed later in this article.

Demat Account Opening Procedure with Angel Broking

The Demat accounts with Angel broking can be opened with the following documents and the procedure which are discussed below.

  • Documents: The documents which are required to open the Demat account in Angel broking are –
    • PAN card – It is necessary that the investor has his or her PAN card for the verification.
    • Bank Statement – Bank statement of the bank in which the investor has his or her account and that account has to be linked with the Demat account for the trading purpose.
    • Address Proof – For the individual investors, the residential address proof will do but for the corporate investors, the registered office address has to be provided for the account opening.
  • Procedure: The procedure of Demat account opening is as follow –
    • You have to submit the documents with the Angel broking branch nearer to you.
    • You also have to fill and submit the form for account opening.
    • Once they receive it they will give you a call and discuss your requirement and the intention to invest in the market.
    • You can also send the documents in the mail to them and then you will get a call.
    • They will verify each of the documents. The salesperson or any other person from the team will visit to verify in person the details provided by you.
    • Once everything is verified and cleared, your application for the Demat account opening will be processed.
    • You will receive the kit in some days and the login credentials will be mailed to you within a day once the process of application is over. It takes around 1-2 weeks to complete the application for a Demat
    • If you have anyone to refer you to the branch, then your account can be opened in just 5 minutes without any verification and all.

Angel Brokerage charges

  • Brokerages: The brokerage plans in Angel broking is slightly different as it has 4 different categories for the investors according to the capital they want to invest. So, the plans and the brokerage are discussed accordingly.
    • Angel Classic Plan: For the investors who are looking for investing in Angel broking with a sum (margin money) within the range of INR 10000 to INR 24999, for them, Angel Classic plan is there. Here are the brokerage details of the plan –
      • For the online equity delivery segment – 0.32%
      • For the offline equity delivery segment – 0.40%
      • For the online equity intraday and futures as well – 0.032%
      • For the offline futures and equity delivery – 0.04%
      • On every lot of options traded on Nifty online – INR 40 and offline INR 50.
      • Options on another platform (Per lot) – INR 80 for online transaction and INR 100 for the offline
      • For each lot of the currency options traded online – INR 6.4 and traded offline – INR 8
      • Currency futures traded online – 0.16% and traded offline – 0.02%
      • For the commodity delivery offline – 0.30%
      • For the commodity futures and the intraday trades online – 0.02% and same for the offline trade as well.

This is regarded as the most highly priced or expensive plans of all the four plans.

  • Angel Preferred Plan: If you are looking to invest with margin money of INR 25000 to INR 49999 then Angel Preferred is the plan you have to choose. The brokerage charges as discussed below for this plan –
    • For the equity delivery segment (online) – 0.224% and (offline) – 0.28%
    • For the online Equity intraday it is 0.02% and for the offline trades, it is 0.03%.
    • For the online equity futures it is 0.02% and for offline it is 0.03%.
    • For the options traded under the Nifty index each lot traded online will cost you INR 32 and traded offline will cost INR 40.
    • For the options traded under other exchanges, each lot online will cost INR 64 and offline INR 80.
    • For the currency options segment (each lot) traded online – INR 5.6 and INR 7 for the offline
    • Currency futures traded online charges – 0.01% and offline trade charges – 0.01% only.
    • For the commodity delivery – there are no charges for online transaction and for the offline transaction it is 0.30%.
    • Commodity futures or intraday transaction made online – 0.02% and offline – 0.02% only.

Though this plan is less expensive than the Angel classic still the charges are high comparatively.

  • Angel Premier Plan: For this, the margin money requirement is INR 50000 to INR 99999 and the charges are as follows –
    • For the equity delivery online transaction – 0.176% and for offline it is 0.22%
    • For the equity futures and the intraday transactions, online the charge is 0.0176% while for the offline ones are 0.02% as well.
    • For the Nifty options traded online INR 24 per lot and for offline transactions INR 30 per lot.
    • For the options on other exchanges, it is INR 48 per lot for online transactions and for the offline ones it is INR 60.
    • For the currency options if traded online it is INR 4.8 per lot and INR 6/lot for offline transactions.
    • For the currency futures, it is charged at 0.01% for the online trades and the offline transactions are charged at the same percentage.
    • The commodity delivery charges for the online transactions are not applicable and for the offline ones, it is 0.3%.
    • For the intraday commodity and commodity futures transactions online it is INR 0.01% and 0.02% for the offline ones.

This plan is loved by most of the clients and customers of the Angel broking firm because of its low brokerage charges and reasonable margin amount.

  • Angel Elite Plan: For the investors who are looking to invest more than 1 lac margin money with Angel broking can choose this plan and its charges are explained below –
    • For online and offline Equity delivery it is 0.13% and 0.16% respectively.
    • For the futures in equity segment and also for the intraday trades, the charges are 0.01% and 0.02% for online and offline transactions respectively.
    • For the Nifty options traded online, you need to pay INR 16 per lot and INR 20 per lot for the offline trades.
    • Other options can be traded at INR 32 per lot (online) and INR 40 per lot (offline).
    • Currency options traded per lot (online) INR 3.2 and INR 4 for offline transactions in the same segment.
    • Currency Futures are charges at 0.01% online and offline.
    • Commodity delivery offline charges are 0.3%.
    • Commodity Futures and intraday charges are 0.01% for both online and offline transactions.

This is the least expensive plans of all but the margin money requirement is too high for everyday retail investors.

  • Charges: The other charges which are levied by the exchange, government and other organizational bodies on trading are discussed as follows –
    • Transaction Charges: For every crore of investment transaction charges for equity delivery and the intraday segment is INR 325, for the equity futures is it INR 190 for the equity options it is INR 5000, for the currency futures it is INR 110, currency options it is INR 4000. For the commodities on NSE it is 0.0001%, on MCX-SX, it is 0.0001%, on MCX it is 0.0015% and on NCDEX it is 0.0030%.
    • STT: For the equity delivery segment it is 0.01% on both the sides of the transaction, for the equity intraday segment it is 0.025% on the sell side, for the equity futures it is 0.01% on the sell side, on equity options it is 0.017% on the sell side, for the currency futures it is not applicable and not for currency options as well. For the commodities, it is 0.01% on the sell side.
    • GST: The GST is levied on each transaction on the sum of Brokerage and Transaction charges. The percentage which is applicable right now is 18%.
    • SEBI Turnover charges – It is INR 15 per crore of investments.
    • Stamp Duty – It is 0.01% or INR 50 (higher of the two). The stamp duties depend on the state government laws.
  • Hidden Charges: There are no such hidden charges as every charge as transparent enough and made clear by the company.

Demat Account Charges (AMC) according to the Plans

  1. Angel Classic Plan- The annual maintenance charge is INR 450 per annum which is excluding the taxes.
  2. Angel Preferred Plan – The annual maintenance charge is INR 450 per annum from the 2nd year and in the first year these account holders get DP AMC waiver.
  3. Angel Premier Plan – The AMC is INR 450 but from the 3rd year onwards as first two years annual maintenance charges are waived off with DP AMC waiver.
  4. Angel Elite Plan – The same AMC of INR 450 but from 4th year onwards. First, three year’s charges are waived off.
  5. Under the Life-2500 scheme, you have to pay one-time annual maintenance charges of INR 2500 and then no charges for the lifetime as they will be waived off.
angel trading platform speed pro

Angel Broking Trading Platforms

Angel Broking provides one of the most innovative trading platforms which are easy to use and have lots of features. Currently, there are mainly three trading platforms which you can use which trading with Angel Broking Pvt. Ltd. And they are as follows: –

  1. Angel Broking App: It is the mobile application for investors who feel the need for trading online anywhere and everywhere on their mobile. It is a simple application with various features like indices from different parts of the world like S&P, DOW, and the national indices like Nifty and the Sensex, etc. The live markets can be operated and used from the mobile platform only, you can trade, take delivery, use different tools of trading in the live market as you can do on the computer trading terminal. There is a tab for stock ideas as well like which the best stock picks are for the day or in the long run, which is the top moving shares of the day and general ideas on the stock market. This application also has a tab for the personalized advisory from the experts of the Angel broking on the stocks of yours. You can ask for personalized services and they will plan your investment accordingly. There are charts and graphs for the investors to follow and use for trading purpose. You can check the health of your portfolio with a feature called portfolio health check. There are mutual funds as well which you can buy and sell. In one word, this mobile app is a trading terminal in itself. This was awarded as the best trading application in the world in 2016 and that too when the competition was with 90 different countries. Its ARQ technology has won international recognition as well.
  2. Angel Broking Trade: Angel Broking trade is the computer-based trading terminal for trading and portfolio trading. With this, you can manage, track your portfolio, trade efficiently and the time taken to place and cancel orders is really quick. The market section is fast and up-to-date so you can get the updates on time and because of the real-time application, you can trade and make money whenever you desire. The market movements are right there on your computer screen and you have no scope to miss them. The research reports and the personalized portfolio reports are there on the application to help you make more sound investments. The best part is you get alert for every single thing that happens in the market so that you never lose a chance to make money in the market. There is a calculator to calculate the gains that you have already realized and even the ones which are yet to be realized. The contract notes you have for the trading in shares can be maintained on this trading platform along with the ledger for the share trading and many more features of a similar purpose. You can trade in all segments from one platform that is you can trade in shares, commodities, mutual funds, and in currencies as well. It is a completely integrated terminal that lets you ease your trading experience while increases the chances of your profit because of the various features. There is a live news segment where you can get news updates on the markets from millions of sources. If you are new to trading there is a model portfolio to help you begin trading and to build the portfolio and many other features. You get alerts in the mail, SMS, and on the application itself so that there is no chance to miss the alerts. The stock charts and the technical analysis charts are there on the application with highly upgraded technology which you can use very easily and build your own opinion and make a decision about the stocks to trade. The best part is that you can add and join other accounts of your family members too and can manage them all along.
  3. Angel Speed Pro: This is a trading platform application for the computers which is highly upgraded technical analysis charts and data available for the customers 24/7. The platform has advanced technical charts, with thirty-day intraday data along with the twenty years of historical data available at your fingertip. There are seventy and above studies for the reference and the technical analysis (advanced) to help you in your trading. It is definitely for the pro traders who are well versed with the technical concepts and analysis of the markets. The real-time market updates are right there on your screen making your trading experience rich, fast, fruitful. The rates keep on changing and you can trade along with and the super-fast technology helps you bid and trade at the right time when exactly you want. There are on the spot reports of the trades as soon as it is executed. In one glance, you can get all the detail about each of the scrips of your portfolio whether it is about the price of buy or sell or the profit on each of the scrip everything at one place. You can also trade in the mutual funds with this trading platform from the ease of your home/office anywhere. There is an instant notification about the news and updates of the stock market/financial and business news as well. With just one touch you can get the research reports, the application can be installed in few easy steps and there is no need to ask someone else to install it for you as you can install it on your own. It is also easy to update it from time to time as Angel keeps on updating its technologies from time to time for better trading experience. You can convert the live market data and update it on an excel sheet for the use of yours that is to make a decision about the trade of shares/making reports etc.

Products of Angel Broking

Angel Broking is a full-service broker and thus it has varied products to invest in. You can invest in equity under various exchanges of commodities, currencies as well as derivatives with Angel Broking. The trading platforms are all integrated systems that let you trade in any of the segments from one place only.

Services of Angel Broking

There are varied services which are provided by Angel Broking Pvt. Ltd. –

  • Demat Account Services: As discussed above, Angel Broking has been associated with CDSL and thus it provides its own Demat account services. You can use this service for paperless share transactions at your convenience.
  • Trading Account: For investment in the shares market, you need to have a Demat as well as a trading account. Angel Broking provides trading account facilities free of cost. There is a unique identification number provided by the company for trading using their trading platforms.
  • IPO: As a full-service broker, Angel Broking provides you the opportunity to invest in IPOs in India. You can buy the shares when they are first offered to the public by the companies.
  • Intraday Trading: Instant buying and selling of the stocks can be done with the trading platform of Angel Broking services and you don’t have to wait for days to trade in the shares you desire.
  • Portfolio Management Services: Being one of the leading broking houses in the country, Angel Broking provides personalized Portfolio management services for its clients at very reasonable rates. They provide tailor-made solutions for the investment purposes of their clients by thoroughly analyzing their profile as well as their financial goals and the market scenario.
  • Investment Advisory Services: While you trade on your own, you can seek expert advice on the market and the shares or any product to maximize the returns of yours. They will help you diversify your investments and reduce the risks of the investments.
  • Portfolio Health Score: It is a technological innovation by ARQ which helps the investors check the health of their portfolio by themselves and they manage and rebalance them accordingly. This service is used to understand how the portfolio is performing in the market, whether the mix of the assets is right or not, and how to make it ideal.
  • Loan Against shares: Investors and clients under Angel Broking can apply for a loan against their investments in the shares for personal purposes.

Knowledge Centre

It is a great initiative by the company to have a page/tab in their online site where there is a pool of information about the share market. From every aspect of the Demat accounts to the Trading Accounts, to online trading of shares, IPOs, research on the share market, and every type of trading ideas, technical know-how is mentioned under this. This is a great resource and very helpful for the beginners as well as the pro traders in the market.

Angel Broking Benefits

The reasons for you to choose Angel broking services are as follows:

  • The trading system whether on the mobile application or on the browser on a computer terminal is highly upgraded for easy and better trading for the investors.
  • There are different products under one roof for the investors to invest, like the mutual fund, shares, life insurance, commodities, futures, and options, etc.
  • An investor can buy up to 4 times the money he is in his trading account.
  • The auto-square off timing for the platforms is fixed as the exchanges – 3:15 p.m.
  • The trading account can be associated with any of the leading bank accounts in the private sector.
  • The Angel broking platform gives the investors access to over 4-5 exchanges and that too in all the segments through one single platform.
  • The branches of the firm are present all over the country (900 cities and more).
  • The expert made research reports which are completely understandable and comprehensive with daily, weekly, and monthly share tips and ideas.
  • You can use any device to trade like mobile phones, tablets, laptops, or your desktop anything and anywhere and you have both online and offline trading options.
  • The personalized customer support executives are there to help you always over the call, mail, SMS, chatting services, etc.

Cons of Angel Broking

Though Angel Broking is a leading brokerage house in India there are some drawbacks in it too which are –

  • It doesn’t offer an account with three in one facility.
  • There is no facility of online money transfer from the trading account to bank accounts. The trading account has to be linked with the popular banks. An investor can transfer money online from his bank to the trading account but not vice versa. The investor has to request the Angel broking executives to transfer the money into his bank account after he sells his investments and receives money. It takes time and thus it is a negative aspect for the account holders.

Final Verdict

With the presence in more than 900 cities, Angel Broking is a top brokerage house in the country. It has different products and services as a full-service broker. The brokerage it charges is also different according to the plan one investor selects. There are four different plans which are made according to the margin amount one deposits with the company and want to trade with. Overall, as a full-service broker the plans are reasonable though Angel classic plan is too expensive due to the less amount of margin requirement, it seems fine. The other plans are also reasonable if you see it with the point of view of the margin requirement. It has IPO services and PMS services as well and very advanced technology for the trading platforms which helps the investors to trade freely.

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