Angel broking is one of the top brokerage firms in India providing online trading service. Throughout our country it has established great network of branches. Angel broking has excellence in customer relation and has made its reputation as one of the most respected stock broking and wealth management companies in India. Angel broking offers many trading platforms which are suitable to large number of clients as per their requirement for performing various types of trading services. Angel broking offers its efficiency and services by providing user friendly browser based, application based online trading platform. While investing in the firm the facilities as investment options like mutual funds, life insurance, personal loans etc are provided. While providing online trading they give services like trading across devices like desktop, smart phones etc. The brokerage charge of angel broking depends on the amount deposited in trading account. The concept of angel broking depends on the initial margins provided while opening the account. If the initial margin deposited being the higher then trading done by the customers becomes higher. Brokers of angel broking firms provide their excellence services as per their client’s requirements and investment in the volume of trade for trading services. As one of the top reputed firms, they satisfy their clients with best services and rates. They also help clients by negotiating a better brokerage rate and establish a best bond for future investments. The angel broking provide application based trading platform wherein rates are updated automatically. The platform provided for clients are beneficial for investors and traders to access market from different terminals. Brokers help clients in clarifying their requirements and doubts while performing such trading services. The brokers of the firm make the clients aware of the services offered by the brokerage firm as such equity trading, port folio management services, mutual funds and many more. Angel broking firm provides the facilities of starting the investment with small startups or entrepreneurs which is very essential and help in boosting ones positive aspects regarding investment in broking companies. As investment with huge amount is not always a choice of ones need or deal of trading. Wide variety of retail services are also being offered by the firm like e-broking, commodity trading, wealth management services and many more. These services make the broking firm unique and most demanding from others.