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FLAT ₹20 for all other trades

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Zerodha – Top 5 Benefits to Open Trading and Demat Account with Zerodha

  • PI – Next generating trading platform
  • Lowest brokerage charge in brokerage industry like Free equity delivery or Rs 1paisa or Rs 20 per executed trades whichever lower for all other intraday trades.
  • Same brokerage charges for equity, commodity and currency trading.
  • More than 7lakh + clients joined Zerodha over 6 years.
  • Most awards winning stockbroker of Indian stock broking industry
  • No upfront fee or turnover commitment
  • 900+ dedicated support team to instant help and support regarding account open and trading queries


Zerodha is first “Discount stockbroker” also known as cheapest/ flat brokerage firm who made “Zero brokerage commission for equity delivery trades” possible in India. largest discount brokerage offering  “zero brokerage charges ” Demat account.

zerodha review

Zerodha offers low brokerage fees/pricing for intraday trading and other trades. Zerodha contributes daily 10,000 cr turn over all major Indian stock exchanges. Zerodha successfully completed 7 years in stockbroking and made a record of 4 lakhs clients and largest active client stockbroker.  “0.1% or Rs 20 per transaction for all intraday trades/ f&no  (Whichever lower )” Zerodha is the first discount stockbroker who started “Zero brokerage/ commissions for investments on equity/ mutual funds. Zerodha started zero commotions mutual funds trading in India. Now Zerodha made possible “Direct buy-sell” of mutual funds through Zerodha “COINS” product.

Zerodha Coins is a platform that let you buy mutual funds online, completely commission-free, zero brokerage, and directly from asset management companies or through a distributor.When you buy mutual funds through a distributor, the distributor earns 1.5% upfront commission and 1.5% trail commission on your investment, you have to pay a commission every year as long as you invest in Zerodha coin mutual funds.When you buy mutual funds directly through Zerodha coin, it saves both upfront and trail commission on your investment.To invest directly just click on Open a Demat account with Zerodha.Zerodha broking services highly appreciated by Indian trader communities. Zerodha has more than 3 Lakh clients. Daily turnover more than 10,000 Cr on Indian major exchanges like NSE, MCX, and NCD-EX.

Zerodha have developed self-trading platforms like PI (desktop software) and Kite (mobile and web-based) trading apps. Zerodha trading tools and platform have world class features like as a revolutionary step and highly appreciated by trader communities.   Zerodha broking firm well known for flat fee/ brokerage free /cheapest broking business having Bangalore-based headquarters office and 22 branches offices in major cities. They started broking in Indian stock market with the aim of “No barriers while trade in Indian stock market” and looking successful. India Zerodha has become no 1 largest discount broker.

Zerodha as the best stock broker of India as the choice of low brokerage as trading tools facilities. their presence and support largest discount broker Zerodha established at Bangalore on Aug 10 with a vision of discount broking model in Indian stock and commodity market. As Indian share trader seeking the opportunity for such broking firm. Before retail broking firms of Indian stock market always charges % basis brokerage charges / per lot fixed charges.

Per trade fixed brokerage charges started by Zerodha and highly appreciated by Indian / NRI,s investors. Presently as more than 2.75 lakh clients have joined Zerodha. At starting Zerodha charges 0.1% maximum to maximum 20 per trade for all equity delivery trades which is waived off from Dec 15. Now enjoy zero brokerage for all equity delivery trades.


Zerodha charges (Rs)Equity deliveryEquity IntradayEquity futureEquity options
Brokerage chargesZero brokerage for all equity delivery trades0.01% or Rs 20 /trasaction (Whichever is lower)0.01% or Rs 20 /trasaction (Whichever is lower)flat Rs 20/trade
STT/CTT0.01 Both side buy/sell trasaction volume0.025% on the sell side only0.01% of trasaction value(sell side only)On premium value 0.05% sell side
Exchange charges(trasaction charges)Rs 325/ crore for NSE/ BSE Rs 1 for buy /sell tradeRs 325/ crore for NSE/ BSE Rs 1 for buy /sell tradeNSE Rs210/crore and BSE Rs 1 for buy /sell tradeRs 5300/crore and BSE Rs 1 for buy /sell trade
Service charges (Govt ta)15% of brokerage + trasaction chargesSameSameSame

Other than above charges there are Rs 15/crore Sebi charges also applicable while trading


After reading the review about Zerodha, if you have to open Demate/Trading account with Zerodha then following procedure /documents required to open your account.

  • Demate + trading  account Rs 300 (AMC second year onward 300 per year)
  • Trading account Rs 200
  • Demate +trading+ commodity Rs 500
  • if you required to Zerodha to courier form then you have to pay Rs 100 for every form.


pi trading platform pic


Zerodha PI and Kite are the most advanced trading platform available for investors without any cost. Zerodha started with discount broking in India with discount brokerage model (zero brokerage trading for investment) and in the same way, they started development of like most advanced trading platform. Zerodha developed trading platform PI hugely liked by Indian traders view its salient features.
More than 10 types of charts, 80 built-in indicators.
Annotation can be done with over 30 drawing tools.
A simple and powerful scripting language like Python.
Inbuilt expert advises features which provide real-time trade signals.
historical charts for 50,000 candles available for all segments like equity/ commodity and currency also.
Advanced features like trade through charts, automatic/ semi-automatic trading facilities.


  • PAN card, address proof, 2 passport size photos, 2 cheques – 1 canceled and another favoring Zerodha amounting Rs 300 to account opening fee
  • For a trading account, 1 copy of the following documents are also  required additionally – Payslip (latest), Form 16 / IT Returns (latest) and 6-month bank statement (latest)

Zerodha account opening procedure

  • Online account opening facility: Yes, you can open online Demate and Trading with Zerodha.
  • first, sign up on Zerodha website and fill required details and upload required documents like pan card, addressed proof online.
  • After sign up procedure take print and forward form to Zerodha address.
  • Now: Open your account instantly with AADHAAR

Zerodha Fund Transfer (Pay in/out facility)

Zerodha gives pay in/ out can be transferred from the linked bank account through Zerodha trading platform (PI& KITE and back office). The fund transferred will be immediately reflected and individual transfer charge is Rs. 9.

Why to choose Zerodha by Traders?

  •  The best technology in build Algorithm tools to executive best trades as well back-end strategies testing facilities
  • No cost for such most advanced trading platform for even small investors
  • More than 2 lakhs clients have joined Zerodha trader’s communities to resolve their queries online.
  • Open trade which resolves the advisory issue with largest discount Zerodha broking.  New traders who need live trading advice through this tools Zerodha interest them with professional traders to pick their hand with live informing their trading activities.
  • 60 day challenge  All brokerage refunded after 60 days upon success and a certification of recognition is received from Zerodha along with full-time trader access.
  • Receive increased protection to open position as the ‘Bracket and Trailing Stop loss order’ is given to traders. Zerodha is the first to provide this offer in India.
  • Zerodha Varsity – Beginners in trading can utilize the trading knowledge bank.
  • Trading qna – Forum created by Zerodha where the trading community interacts and lot of questions and answers related to trading can be found for traders.
  • Free algorithm tool – This tool is offered free of cost to all traders and can be used for testing and built their own trading strategies.
  • More than 22 major cities zerodha has opened branches
  • 500 customers support desk available to support and trading and queries

Zerodha not for clients who seeking

  • No separate advice services only open trade online.
  • 3-1 account facility not available


Zerodha is really trusted discount stock broker available in India for low brokerage share trading, support and best technology built trading platform as well margin facilities for cover/braket orders for day trading. I will recommend for selection Zerodha as your partner stock broker for cost, support, and technology. Low brokerage trading for equity and commodity with the advanced trading facility is available with Zerodha.

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