Today Indian stock market has almost covered every aspects of the investors need and gifted a satisfactory level of secure and safe investments process with other beneficial requirements. With the upcoming of depository system in effect the entire process of sales, purchases and transfers of shares become significantly easier and most of the risk associated with paper certificates were eliminated like forgery due to damaged stock certificates, delivery failure caused by signature mismatch etc were some long list of problems. There was an emergence need to bring some system in the market of stock trading to remove such problem which plays as a hindrance in the smooth functioning of investment plans for large number of investors. Then there was an establishment of account wherein a person can hold his shares and securities in Dematerialized i.e. electronic form instead of physical form. This account was truly meant for online trading in share market. This was known as Demat Account. An authorized registered investment broker of the company can provide the facility of opening the Demat account to their investors. This demat account has brought strong relation of trust among the investors and the financial firms. A demat account can be opened with any brokerage firm such as ICICI securities, Motilal Oswal, kotak securities and many others. Demat account gives instantaneous access to all type of information related to the stock market. Stocks and their price updates are provided frequently. The task of Demat account is carried on with the two depositories available namely NSDL, CDSL. These play the role of electronic lockers where confidential information about the ownership of the shares is maintained. These are very important task performed by the company’s brokers inside the firm for seamless integration in the investment process. Major benefits for investors to open Demat Account are holding of securities become easy and convenient. Transferring of securities dose not require stamp duty. It provides Safe and secured facilities than paper shares. It helps in avoiding fake and dummy share trading. It helps in avoiding misplacement of share certificates. Having multiple Demat account active by a single investor is possible but one needs to keep in mind the payment for annual charges in keeping the account active. Every share holder having demat account for the purpose of transacting shares needs to access the account with use of internet password and a transaction password. Transfer and purchases of securities can then be initiated. Once the transactions procedures are confirmed and completed the purchase and sells of securities are automatically made with the demat account. Hence opening a Demat account has proved to be very important and enhanced the risk reducing delays and ensures great profitability in the volume of trading performed. There is a drastic increase in the level of confidence among the investors with the upcoming of Demat account in the highly competitive share markets.