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Demat Account

demate accountIndia before implementation of depository Act in 1996 India shares and securities were kept in physically documents. Storage of share / debenture in electronic forms known as materialization of share’s and security. This account can be opened with investment broker (sub-broker) who registered with following:
There are two main Depository available in Indian markets through which demate account account are maintained
National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL) –
Central Depository Services Limited (CDSL) –
Share / security are always transact through demate account only. So if any stock/security like bonus/debenture transaction required demate account must required. So every investor can open demate account with stock broker/investment bank.
Importance of online demate account:
• Its easiest way for storage of share and security
• No physical certificate required for any transactions
• Less transaction compare to physical certificate share transactions
• Simple way to monitor online
• No risk of thief, misplace and physical verification like signature match etc
• Simple way to online demate account online
• No stamp duty on transfer of securities

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i hope now you will understand the little bit about demate account. further, also read my article on ” How to open demate account in india” and “What are documents required for open demate account ?”

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