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how to choose best Discount Broker In India

We is an online portal, allow our visitors/traders to compare discount broker , choose best discount broker as per their need and requirement. While choosing best discount broker, there are many factors we need to consider. Specially in India, choosing best discount broker is not a piece of cake.

Indian Share Market , gives us flexibility to choose and select and compare the best discount broker. While choosing any discount broker in India, we should looking in to the following things :

Brokerage Charges : While choosing a broker broking charges are most important part of broker because broker gets profitable applying brokerage charges. There are fixed/flexible (means percent basis and flat/fixed charges) brokerage charges policies by brokers. Based on this parameter there are best four recommended given as opposite site.

Trading platform/mobile trading platform : Now a days there are Indian share brokers having platform traditional like NEST/Odin however some broker example like ZERODHA (Bangalore),is providing discount/fixed brokerage and also facility client many auto built (own built platform free of charges imaging trading features like advanced charting with auto execution strategies which can be applied post back-end practice for auto buy/sell trading symbols and free equity delivery trades.

Margin Policy :
Some traders like good margin policy means high leverage trading and it is important that if flat broker/discount broker provide less brokerage trading their policy on margin also more secure type however some discount broker like ZERODHA and RKSV also have clear policy on script basis and daily basis update available on their website depend upon market volatility.

Transaction Charges/ Other charges : This charges is applied by respective exchange BSE/NSE/NCDEX/MCX etc.) and based on turn over exchange fix this charges. Some discount broker provide very less brokerage charges however trader should also check transaction which are manage on total turnover of trade.

Order facilities : Type of orders which provide flexibilities traders according to their trading style day/delivery like online/offline order facilities. Now a days some broker provide most advanced order facility like trailing stop loss and target order same margin which secure day trader and freedom.

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